Course Aims

With over 1,400 serious workplace accidents a year attributed to the use of ladders and steps, this course is designed for those who use, or supervise the use of ladders and steps in the workplace and is an excellent way of ensuring both your company and your staff are suitably covered. No previous experience of working with ladders or steps is required to attend this course.

A comprehensive and where possible, hands on course aimed to deliver the competencies required for the safe transportation, set up, use, maintenance, supervision and inspection of ladders and steps.

The course also covers all relevant legal requirements on both employers and employees.

Course Duration

4 hours. A full day course can be provided to include more practical demonstrations and hands on set up and use training.

Course Content

  • All relevant Health and Safety Laws and Regulations
  • Responsibilities of employees and their employers
  • The safe inspection of equipment
  • Conducting a Risk Assessment the right way
  • How to use the equipment safely
  • The correct storing of equipment
  • The importance of keeping your equipment in good order with regular maintenance
  • The correct personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Having a go yourself – practical
  • Testing your knowledge – test paper, questions and review

Course Certification

Each candidate will receive a certificate, valid for 5 years.