Course Aims

The role of the Appointed Person is critical to lifting operations and it carries a great deal of responsibility in law. This course is aimed at delegates who will be required to act as an Appointed Person and who do not have any formal training but do have some experience and technical knowledge of cranes and lifting. Only suitable personnel should be selected for this course.

To provide delegates with the underpinning knowledge and training with regard to legislation and the roles and responsibilities of all personnel involved in lifting operations.

This three day training course is designed to ensure that those persons who are appointed to formulate a lifting plan have a clear understanding of their duties and responsibilities with regard to the “Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998” and BS7121 Part 1 “Safe Use of Cranes”.

To benefit from this course, those who attend should have a basic knowledge of Crane Slinging and Lifting Operations.

BS7121 Safe Use of Cranes – Appointed Person Training (Mobile Cranes)
In order to comply with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER), the British Standards Institution provides the code of practice BS7121. This code of practice introduces the title of “Appointed Person” – the competent person responsible for developing a safe system of work for every lifting operation. Competence is defined as “Sufficient experience, technical knowledge and training”. This course provides the training element, which also includes some underpinning knowledge of legislation, risk assessments and method statements.

Following the course delegates will have received sufficient knowledge and training to allow them to plan a lift that is commensurate with their level of past experience.

We recommend that a competent person supervises all newly trained Appointed Persons for a period of time and a record of such lift planning is maintained.

Course Duration

The duration of this course would depend on the delegate’s skills and previous training and experience.

Course Content

  • Legislation – Regulations and Codes of Practice
  • Crane Terminology
  • Mobile Crane Appreciation
  • Crane Documentation
  • Slinging Techniques
  • Crane Stability, Duty Charts and Rated Capacity Indicators
  • BS7121 Safe Use of Cranes Part 1 (general) and one of the following
  • Part 3 Mobile Cranes
  • Part 4 Lorry Loaders
  • Part 5 Tower Cranes
  • Part (Currently BS5744) Overhead Cranes
  • Planning a lift – Method Statement, Risk Assessment and Berthing Study (as appropriate to relevant BS7121 part)

This is NOT an attendance course. This is an intense course delivered in a classroom environment. This is a pass or fail course with assessments by written question papers.

*All delegates will require a pencil, scale ruler and calculator.

Course Certification

A certificate is awarded on successful completion of the Crane Co-ordinator – appointed person course.