Course Aims

This session will give candidates an understanding and knowledge of types of infection and their routes of entry. It will provide candidates with practices and principals of safe control measure and their working environments.

This course would be suitable for all grades of private and public healthcare workers and any personnel who are involved with patient or client contact. The course covers the Commission for Social Care Inspection and TOPSS requirements.

Course Duration

The course duration for this training is 2 hours, dependant on group size.

Course Content

  • Causes of infection (Bacteria and Virus)
  • Transmission of Diseases (routes of entry)
  • Bodies Natural Defence Systems
  • Managing and Controlling infections
  • Diarrheoa and Vomiting
  • Clostridium Difficile
  • MRSA
  • Importance of Personal Protective Equipment and Safe Practices

Course Certification

An in house certificate is awarded on successful completion of a correct hand washing procedure followed by a short multiple choice question paper.