General Health & Safety Management for Businesses

Step 1 health and safety audit, identifying work activities and health and safety information and risk assessments needed and any training records.
Step 2 report to support the audit advising on actions to be done for legal compliance and to remain insured.
Step 3 action outstanding items to be legally compliant. These actions can be supported through our Health and Safety Packages.
Step 4 health and safety review. If you already manage your health and safety but would like a quality check to ensure it is being managed correctly, we can carry out a health and safety review. From this meeting we will write a report advising on any further action required or to confirm you are conforming. This gives you peace of mind. To enquire about a health and safety review please visit our contact page.

How else can Field Training Services assist in the Management of your Health & Safety?

Please call us on 01252 547900 or visit our contact page if you have any further questions or would like to arrange a meeting.