External Support to your Health and Safety Manager

Field Training Services can support Health and Safety Managers within companies by offering an external review and audit on your existing health and safety management procedures. This can give peace of mind and reassurance to the responsible person within the company. It ensures that you are aware of any possible short falls in legal compliance.

We also provide a Health & Safety Management Support Package which involves us visiting the companies once a quarter giving our professional health and safety support and advice and helping the Health and Safety Manager with management of health and safety moving forward to maintain health and safety compliance.

We are finding more and more that general staff are also being appointed to look after company’s health and safety but not entirely sure of where to start or whether they are doing this correctly. Let us take your worry away from you.

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External Support to your Company

Field Training Services offer a competitive external health and safety support service to businesses, whether it is larger corporates requiring an external health and safety manager or contractors requiring support for on-going work.

The liability always rests with the “responsible person” within the company, the Chief Executive, Managing Director, Company Owner etc. Our external support service ensures that health and safety procedures are “put in place” and through correct health and safety management (policy, risk assessments, training etc.) we will support and guide you and as appointed help you to manage your health and safety.

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